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10 Reasons to Elope

Congratulations on your engagement. Now is the time to begin planning your wedding. Will your wedding be a large traditional event or would you consider something different? Elope and small weddings are very popular now for many reasons. Before you start planning your wedding you may want to consider these top ten reasons to Elope.

1.  Elope to Save Money
A large formal wedding can easily cost over $80 per guest and frequently more. Many wedding costs need to be prepaid requiring you to have sizable cash resources. You can easily find yourself in debt by having a dream wedding. Rather than spend thousands of dollars you may decide to forgo a lavish wedding and reception in favor of eloping and save your money for more important things. With an elopement you can indulge yourself and still save money. Most couples who elope use their wedding savings to purchase a new home, pay for college, buy a new car or take the honeymoon of a lifetime.

2.  Avoiding Family Difficulties
There may be tension within a member of the family. Avoiding a large family gathering can be a safer option to avoid any altercations on your special day. Families can pose difficult situations: divorced parents; family members that oppose your marriage choice; family differences in planning or financially supporting the wedding; embarrassing relative that you prefer not ruin your day.

3.  Minimizing the Stress of Wedding Planning
Planning a wedding requires a great deal of time and attention to detail and can be stressful. You have to concern yourself with inviting guests, deciding on where to hold the ceremony and reception, dressing the bridal party, how to decorate, what menu and bar options to have; finding temporary accommodations for traveling guests; working with all the different personalities; and more. If you choose to elope, you don’t have to worry about any of this. In St Louis, the deluxe elopement package offers an all-inclusive packages that includes an officiant, wedding bouquet and boutonniere, and a photographer.

Elope in St Louis
4.  Ease and Simplicity
Everything need not be perfect in an elopement. When it’s just the two of you in a private ceremony, there is little to concentrate on besides your love for one another. An elopement let’s you enjoy the fun.

5.  Get Married Quickly
Wedding planning takes time and somethings make a future planning difficult: your preferred venue dates may not be available; relocation for work or military; conflicts with other planned occasions; and there is a baby on the way. An elope wedding has the advantage of being easy and quick to plan when time is of the essence.

6.  Dislike Attention
Not everyone is comfortable with being the center of attention. Moreover, you will need to make uncomfortable decisions to invite some family members and friends and not others. An elopement wedding solves this easily. With the deluxe elopement package you can include up to fifteen close family and friends to your elope wedding to share the celebration.

7.  This is Your Second Marriage
If this is your second marriage, you probably have already had all the excitement you need from your first traditional wedding. Many use this opportunity to focus on the intimacy of the relationship. Many people decide to run off and get married on their own and then have a celebration party or dinner either before they leave or after they return.

8.  Desire a Small Wedding
For many reasons, you may just want a small wedding. Fewer guests allow you to spend more attention on those that matter the most. Many elope couples today turn their elope into a small wedding with a close group of family and friends.

9.  Intimacy
Big weddings take the intimacy out of a wedding due to having to focus on so many guests beside yourselves. A traditional wedding requires that the couple spend considerably time, effort, and money entertaining your guests, at the expense of your intimacy. An elopement is all about intimacy; indulge yourself.

10.  Religion or Culture
If you come from different religions or cultures, it may be difficult to blend your different wedding traditions together. Also, one side may not be respectful of the other side’s traditions. An elopement wedding avoids these tricky situations.

Whatever your reasons are, having an elopement wedding makes sense.