Elope in St Louis

PACKAGES RANGE $60 to $600
Requires 3-Day Notice and Payment Upfront

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Top Five Public Places to Elope in St Louis

Top Five Public Places in St Louis for an Elopement Ceremony
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The Gateway Arch
You can choose to have the ceremony outside, in the main lobby, or at the top. (this location is under construction and is not a good choice for now - but the Arch can be a good backdrop)

Elope at the Gateway Arch

St Louis City Hall
This french-styled building was inspired by the Hotel de Ville or City Hall of Paris. The square rotunda is very unique and its central interior feature is a white marble rotunda, about 100 feet square, with a colored glass skylight above and a marble grand staircase. (Facility Use Fee May Be Needed)

Elope at St Louis City Hall
Your Hotel Lobby
If you are a guest at a St Louis Hotel - we might be able to perform an elopement in the lobby. This requires a bit of work on your part to be sure there are two people available to listen to the elopement ceremony.

Moonrise Hotel Has a Great Lobby

Coffee Shop or Restaurant
Kaldi's Coffee Shop in Kirkwood is a popular place as my fee to officiate is only $60.

Elope at a Coffee Shop

Gateway Arch Elopement
City Hall Elopement
Coffee Shop Elopement