Marriage License Signing

So, you want . . .  No ceremony? No guests? . . . No problem!

Sometimes love is about getting straight down to making your marriage legal. If you and your partner have decided to skip a formal ceremony and just want to be married, I can help you with this. All you need is a location and your marriage license from Missouri or Illinois.

A marriage license signing ceremony is an alternative to being married in the courthouse (and more convenient too!). If you have obtained your marriage license, reach out to me and we can schedule a time in which to get together somewhere convenient (like a coffee shop, cupcake shop, restaurant or park) to legalize your union. The whole thing will last as long as it takes for me to fill out the paperwork. 

Please note, this is not an elopement. This is a quick and casual. No ceremony. No rituals. No vows. Just answer a few questions with "I DO". Fee is based on the location you choose. I'm happy to take a picture or two to commemorate the event. Make sure that this is what you want. 

So grab the paperwork, a pen, and prepare for the best day of your life! 

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