Elope in St Louis

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Eloping is NOT Running Away

Couples who want an intimate wedding with just their closest family and friends feel the word ELOPE means they are 'running away' to get married.

You need to get the notion out of your head that short, sweet and simple ceremonies have to be secret and quick.

St Louis has so much to offer couples looking for a small, yet elegant way to get married. Yes, it can be just the two of you but having a Deluxe Elopement that includes the officiant, flowers and photographer can be special for up to 10 guests, or modified to an intimate occasion.

Imagine all the possibilities St Louis has to offer with romance downtown, the Central West End, even offbeat neighborhoods like Soulard and Cherokee Street.

Don't feel that you have to go to Las Vegas to get away when you can come to St Louis, drive and not fly.

Let your imagination go as you open your mind to an evening with just your closest family members or even just two witnesses found at the restaurant or hotel staff.

But let's be honest - an intimate wedding IS running away. Running away from the hype of SPENDING MONEY on a wedding you don't want or cannot afford. You may want to spend that money on a new home, a new car, a honeymoon. Think of all the possibilities. Tell your friends and family after it's over WHY you felt the need to elope versus having a large occasion - both are still over in one day.